Change of plans...

To make this page easier to manage, I've decided to change from maintaining this blog to using a facebook page & timeline. It will be run pretty much the same as this page, but I'll be able to update it a lot more regularily. Click the link below to view the facebook page / timeline.




*** I've left the old blog links below, as they have been some of the most popular pages on the site, feel free to check them out ***

Please still remember that the MAIN PAGE (click to here to open) of this site has the largest gallery of my work with an update coming soon with at least that much work again being added!



Here's some pics of my latest work. A really cool 'Tequila Sunrise' themed PT Cruiser, converted into a hot-rodded-woody!




Jigsaw Puzzle.

How does it all fit together? What kind of beast requires paint like this? You'll have to wait for an upcoming issue of Rapid magazine to find out!

The bike has some gold highlight pieces, so I used a gold metallic mini-flake instead of the regular silver metallic in the base. This was then coated in black mural work and shading, and then blends of crimson candy. The result is pretty damn cool, really pops in the sunlight, and has a really deep dark look in the shade... very happy with it.

The first set of pics were taken with a flash, the second without.




Really happy with this work. These pics are taken with my phone so don't really do the job justice. But enjoy!





My sexy skinny lady is coming along nicely. Normally I would go for one with a more buxom rear end, but this little number still has some nice cuuurves!





Congrats to the girls on completing their walk for charity! You guys are awesome. Here's a link to what it is all about if you are interested!: RSPCA Care Campus.

Just a reminder, the helmet Auction ends tomorrow... details below if you are interested!





Charity auction:

My partner Natasha is raising money to help the RSPCA. She is completing a 25km walk (with her sister and friend) is aiming to raise $2000 to help fund the new emergency hospital centre for animals being built at Wacol.

Aside from donating cash, I am also auctioning this helmet on ebay, all of the money from this will go towards helping Tash with her goal. Don't be a tightarse, go and have a bid! :-)

CLICK HERE to link to ebay auction.





Creepy crawly...






Things have been crazy busy, so the blog has not been updated for a while, and the bike build blogs have not been touched at all (although a lot has been happening with those too). So here's a few pics of stuff I've been working on... I'll try and post more regularly in the coming days / weeks.




Niiice photo my brother took of one of my jobs...




Shane of Speed Demon Cycles sent through some cool links, check em out! The first really shows some of the details on his amazing Indian, the second shows updates of his latest shop project!




I have started rolling out my new Tin-Exchange sets! Check out the 'For Sale' page for year / model info, prices, more photo's etc. I also have a limited run of helmets listed, as well as a couple of older sets at bargain prices. Check em out!

There are another five full tin sets nearly completed, so come back soon!





Due to the rain, Redland City Council have requested that the Cleveland bike show be postponed so as not to do damage the sportsgrounds, fair enough. No one likes riding in the rain anyway. Stay tuned for the new date!




Sorry the blogs have not been updated... working on some really cool stuff, expect updates soon. For now though, please make sure you check out the blog post below...




^ Pretty amazing image huh? I assume its edited, but have no idea by who. I had actually saved it last year as it is a pretty cool image, but posted it now to get your attention and to bring up a pretty serious issue:

I'm sure you have seen the protests and public outrage regarding live exports of Australian livestock. My partner Tash and I feel very strongly about the issue, and have donated money to the advertising campaign to raise awareness and to continue to keep pressure on our Government to outlaw this cruel and unnecessary practice. It makes NO sense, from any angle. Australia's meat industry produces Halal meat for export using humane, respectful processes.

The Australian spirit does not include condoning cruelty to animals. Let's do the right thing by our country's people and livestock and end the madness.




Here's a few more pics of a recent job. Came up really nice.





So... the update is finally up on line!!!

Check out the thumbnails on the front page which are linked to full profiles of each paint job. Some of them you will have seen a few pics of on the blog, many you won't have. Even if you have seen a few pics on the blog, the full profiles will show a much more in depth view of each.

Also on the front page you will see a new button - 'For Sale'. This is a new section that will feature my tin-exchange program as well as a bunch of other stuff for sale. It is the only part of the update that is not yet complete, but will be up on line in time for an unveiling at the Cleveland Bike Show. For now there is a list of the upcoming sets etc, so check that out if you're curious. It's gonna be BIG! :-)

At the top of this page you will see a few more new buttons. 'Lucky Links' is a page that will grow over time with details of businesses who I am happy to support, also there are links to two new blogs on two bike builds. The 'Basket Case Bobber' is coming along nicely and will be updated regularly, the 'Franken-Chop' blog will be a little slower but will gain momentum over the next few months.

This page (the main blog) will continue as usual, with lots of cool stuff to check out. I've been doing some nice work of late, there's a few sneak previews below, with more photos of each to come over the next week.







The Club Laverda Concours Or as it's often known 'The Story Bridge Bike Show' has changed dates and venue! This an incredible bike show that has outgrown its usual location. The details of the new venue etc are on the flier below or find more info on their website. It'll be a great day, I hope you can make it. I'll be there with a trade display, so come and say hello





Top Australian Custom
Congratulations to owner Brad, and builder Shane from Speed Demon Cycles on the Gold Coast for taking out Top Australian Custom at the Australian Motorcycle Expo. I could rave on about it, but will suggest instead that you grab a copy of the latest issue of Heavy Duty magazine and witness it for yourself.

I was happy to get a mention for the paint and bodywork. "I think that one of the defining parts of this bike is the finish and paint done by Caleb of Lucky Caleb Custom Paint. The Job was expensive but if you look closely, the preparation and smoothing of the welds and overall finish is flawless. It's simple, clean and perfect." Good to see that the MANY hours were spent on the bike were appreciated. .Every weld, join, curve and panel was molded / blocked smooth. Even to the degree that the structural reinforcements that hide beneath / form the underside of the fender were molded and smoothed.

Perception tthough is a funny thing. I have actually had a few people that are used to seeing my detailed airbrush murals react strangely to this bike... Sometimes things that look simple, are actually quite complex to execute well. Without going into details, I can honestly say that the time spent on the airbrushed 'badges' and strips took longer to complete and was more difficult than most of the intricate murals you will see on this site...0.

Buy the mag, and check out Speed Demon Cycles site here.