My web site update is nearly ready! I'll have it up and running by the 1st of next month (June). New features will include a 'For Sale' section, two separate custom bike build blogs, a links page and more. Here's a sneak preview of the front page:





Gotta love camera phones:

A snapshot from a quick trip down south taken in my old 'hood - St Kilda! Man I miss that place. It's changing a lot, but there's still no place I'd rather be.





Here's a sneak preview of a V-Rod I painted recently. Looks badass!




I'm Baaaack! Where have I been? Been WORKING! Heaps of new bikes etc to add to the site... expect a major site update over the next month or so. And, once that's done, the blog will be back in full swing with weekly updates.

See you soon!





"Give a hand to wildlife". A very creative set of adverts done for WWF by Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency. There are a couple more here.



A while back I blogged that a flake storm was coming, and to stay tuned. Here is the first follow up report. Custom Frisco tank, oil bag, and rear fender made by Shaun at Pommy Choppers.




I don't even know how I came accross this photo. Old Skool Kool.




Look familiar? After being on the bike for less than a day, sadly the Blue Candy skulls tin-exchange set that I had posted on this blog was damaged in an accident (through no fault of it's new owner). I re-did the paint work with a little deeper cobalt-blue candy. Hopefully it'll last a little longer this time! :-)




Regional riders need not worry about going without paint... Here's another paint job wrapped, packed, and sent out to a regional customer! Followmont provide exceptional service.




Here's some pics of the Dodge Avenger engine cover finished. I took a quick snapshot of it positioned on the engine when it was being picked up. It also has a matching dip-stick and filler cap (shown below). The engine bay is getting a whole lot of stainless work etc done to it, so I'll post another pic showing it with the extra pieces in place once the engine work is done!



This is one I'm working on right now... I think it's turning out killer. I'll post more pics when it's done.



Skulls and flames... here are a few snapshots of recent jobs. Both are shown here without the clearcoats on... You'll have to wait for the full profiles to see them in their entirety, and with the glass smooth learcoats on :-)



I caught this photo on Atome's blog. It looked so cool. It looked too good to be true. Lucky enough to be friends with him I asked him what it's story was:

"Yeah man we were returning from the forrest somewhere in Sweden when we passed through Helsingborg. We were at the lights there and all of a sudden cars in front of us started dropping them.

Sooooooooooooo we pulled over and watched the show.

Right in the middle of the city... crowded with people, dudes were just dropping it.

There was a car show on that day somwehere near. So along with some crusing, they just went nuts. People had chairs beers and whatnot....
it went on for over an hour before the cops 'moved' everyone on.
no arrests no one hurt... just alot of burnt rubber smell !

Very nice to see."

Unbelieveable! Wish I had been there haha... it really reminded me of here in Oz, back when the punishment for doing a burnout was a $30 fine, no points.

Seems like a different world now. Today, lay a little rubber and you'd be lucky if you didn't lose your license and have your car / bike impounded and crushed into scrap metal.

Maybe I'll move to Sweden.



I was chatting to my brother the other day, asking if he had been doing much photography, he said that he'd been busy, then commented that he was about to go down the beach with his dog (who happens to be my dog's son:-) and should take his camera.

Then he emailed me these pics. Imagine having the talent to be able to just shoot off some shots like these? Incredible! He is currently working on his techniques for some killer bike shoots. Can't wait!

His website is here, check it out.



Here's a few photo's of current work... This Night-Rod cover came out sweet, and I am really liking some new techniques I am trying with 'true-fire' - you can see a whole lot of depth in these flames.




Anderson Silva is an incredible guy - a real inspiration. I found these pics of this Hayabusa that was made for him by Voodoo Industries and thought I'd share them. A really cool bike and great photo shoot that was actually done in his gym (Blackhouse). To read about the build, click here, to see the full photo-gallery click here.



Here's a few shots from recent bikes I've painted, I'll be adding full profiles of each to the front page as soon as I can...



Thanks To Rodger who sent me a link to some photos that I was looking for... Damn Trevelen is good.



My girl just text me these photos! The latest issue of Rapid magazine is out, with a cool little article about me on page 77. I'm about to head out and get a copy, and really, you should too ;-)



Here's a cool pic from my trade stand at the story bridge show... 40 years between these two!

On a different note, I've added some info and pricing regarding the two tin-exchange-sets left on sale (cheap!) so scroll down and check it out.




The photos below are of some of the tin sets I have on sale this week, that created a lot of interest at the show. If you are interested give me a call on 0423 390 328. I need some parts for my bike so am selling them cheap for the next week or two.

Tin set available for 1991-2003 Sportster (top set of photos) Features: Custom ‘Harley Davidson’ lettering (painted – not decal) designed by me, painted in a custom House of Kolor pearl mix (see close ups below). Orange true fire in HOK kandys and kolors with a subtle skull design, plus with HOK purple pearl glow. Tin exchange price $1,300,

*updated: Sportster set is still for sale, both softail sets have now sold.




So it's 3:30am... I've just finished laying kandy and clearcoat on this tin set... I like it a lot. I'll have it and a bunch of other new stuff on display at my vendor stall at the Story Bridge bike show this Sunday. It's a great day, if you can you should come on down and say hello. I'll have some display sets for Harley Softails (three sets), Sportster and Roadstar tins for sale too...

Click here for more details about the show.




Errrr.... this has been bugging me for ages. This is the only pic I can find of this bike. I'm pretty sure Trevelen (Superco) built it. Anyone out there know what issue of Easyrider it was featured in, or where I can see more pics or a write up about it?